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Flinspach / Flinchbaugh
York Pennsylvania
Flinchbach's Conestoga Pa
Melchior Leonard Flinspach  born 1716  died around 1772   (Born Lauffen/Grossgartach)  Wurttemberg Germany
married Sophia Catharina Rembold. Her father was Johann George Remboldt, her mother Elizabeth Phister.     
 Melchior immigrated to America in 1753 thru Philadelphia 

Johann Adam Flinspach  born 1739 died 1820   (Born Grossgartach Germany) died York Co Pa   buried Blymiers Cem
York Co Pennsylvania Militia,  under Capt. Geo. Long 1st. Battalion, 6th Co. 1778.  Again in 1781-87-88 
married to Magdalena Seigin born 1743 died around 1818
John Adam Flinspach  born 1769/1771 died 1820  (Born Felton/Arbor, Pa)  York Co
married Magdalana Blymeyer (Blymier), daughter of Christian Blymier and Maria Elizabeth Giese 
Maria Elizabeth Giese's father was Johann Conradt Giese Sr. buried at Blymier Church
Christian Blymier   Records at the York Historical Soc.    York Co Militia   Rev War
Jacob Flinspach (Flinchbaugh)  Born 1793 died 1875  (Born Felton/Arbor, Pa)  York County
married 1st Christina Diehl   (Born Felton Pa) died 37 yrs old. Married 2nd Barbara Shenberger
Jacob had land along the Felton Road. Here is a picture of the house he lived in
Jacob Diehl Flinchbaugh  born 1837 died 1872,  (Born Arbor, Pa)  York Co
married  Agnes Ann "Nancy" Reichard  (Born Windsor Township Pa)
James Isaiah Flinchbaugh born 1862 died 1917   (Born Felton Pa)  York County
married Ida Mae Diehl     (Born Felton Pa)
Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh  born 1885 died 1937  (Born Felton, Pa)  York, County
married Rosa A. Spangler   (Born York Pa)
Emory worked for Kline Kars - York Pa in 1910 - moved for short while to Richmond Va along w/Kline Kars
Richmond  W. Flinchbaugh    born 1913  in Richmond Va while his father worked for Kline Kars
family lived in York, Pa
married L Backel   

Melchior Flinspach arrived on the ship Brothers in 1753 at Philadelphia 
Staying in Dauphin County close to Hummelstown for about thirteen years 
Probably attending ( Hill Lutheran Church )  and finally to York Pennsylvania.  Some of the 
first records of this family are in the Trinity Lutheran Church,  Lancaster Pa. 
The next records appear in 1766 at the Blymeyer Church,  Dallastown, Pa 
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Baptism Certificate
Eugene.David Flinchbaugh   born  York Pa.   I once lived in an old German built house in Loganville Pa  (1967)  - I see now it had a lot of history
married Kathline L. Carberry   

Early Flinchbaugh Records at the TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH LANCASTER
Dedicated to My Parents

Richmond Ward Flinchbaugh Born November 28, 1913  died January 26, 2004
Luretta B Backel Flinchbaugh born April 01, 1916 died August 17, 1984
Married over 52 years,
 This may be the Earliest 
Flinchbaugh Bible 
to be found
In my family Line 
 This Web Site has been online since the year 2000 
Thanks to the many contributors for sharing your information 
 Dave Flinchbaugh
York Colonial Houses
York Colonial Houses
York Colonial Houses
York Colonial Houses
Gregory E. Flinchbaugh born Canonsburg PA
married Sharon
Son - Wyatt born 2018
Brian D. Flinchbaugh born Canonsburg PA
married Amber
Daughter of Oscar Carberry and Florence Perrine